Precisions Plus More Salon LLC


About Precisions Plus Barbers

Precisions Plus More Salon LLC specializes in cutting, styling, and grooming hair. Precisions Plus barbers are trained and licensed barbers offering excellent in-shop and mobile haircuts, beard trimming, and styling services. The atmosphere at Precisions Plus More Salon LLC is usually laid-back and friendly.

It all began with the teasing of Dr. Cortez D. Sims, CEO/Founder, by his parents and siblings regarding his style of cutting hair. He was careful and thorough with every client that sat in his chair.

Dr. Cortez D. Sims was exposed, as a prodigy child, to the beauty/essence industry by his retired, award-winning beautician and mentor, mother, Mrs. J. Louise Sims.

Followed by his dream from the impressionable age of 10, to performing haircuts at the tender age of 11; then in business from his parent’s home basement at 12 years old. Here is where a fire was ignited when it came to the passion and excitement of entrepreneurship.

Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 is where the vision of Precisions Plus More Salon LLC was born. The model of one-stop diversity of professional services in beauty and barber produces “AN EXPERIENCE BEYOND THE CLIPPERS,” an aptly suited slogan by faith. In February 2013, the owner became his first employee, by faith as well as trial, with no staff and a slow-growing clientele.

Within 8 months of consistent marketing, Precisions soared to a fully staffed salon with a plethora of diverse clients from all directions of the valley. These clients were captured and featured by Phoenix, Arizona’s 2014 community newspaper, Arizona Informant. A “new successful rapid growing business” said editor, Mike Powell, who personally interviewed staff at the salon.

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Jerome Bell
Darrell Steward
Floyd Miles
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